Frequently Asked Questions

What is a one hook barbless rule?

A one hook barbless rule means that you may have one hook on a lure and it must be barbless. A treble is considered one hook.

Do all my hooks have to be barbless?

No, only the hook on your line has to be barbless.

Is fishing any good and when?

Yes, the fishing is great on Lake St. Joseph at any time of the year! Lake St. Joseph provides some of the best fishing in NW Ontario.

Why do we have to release all big fish?

We feel that by preserving the large fish in a lake we contribute to the genetic pool of the resource and provide a better future for the lake to continue to produce larger fish. Replica trophies may be made from a picture. They last longer and are no more expensive than skin mounts.

What is a Form 27 tag?

A Form 27 tag is a special permit issued by The Ministry of Natural Resources for non-residents to fish on Lake St. Joseph. They are only available through operators on the lake.

I want to bring my child fishing, does he/she pay full price?

Children up to 17 years old are 1/2 price if they are fishing with two adults in a boat. Children who have a license and take up a full space in a boat pay full price.

Are there washroom facilities in the cabin?

Each cabin comes equipped with a facility that contains a sink and shower with in it. Each Cabin also has an outhouse located behind it.

Is there a beach?

There is no beach at the camp, but there are several beaches on the lake that you can enjoy.